The days of stiff identical bridesmaid dresses are dwindling as the modern bride is opting for more and more flexibility when it comes to her bridesmaids’ attire. While matching dresses usually look nice and traditional, most dress cuts and colors aren’t all that flattering on every single body type. It’s common for most brides to expect their bridesmaids to purchase their individual dresses, with that being said- don’t make your friends buy a dress that doesn’t properly fit their shape and that they most likely will not wear again.

Make sure the bridesmaid dresses are somehow cohesive; the last thing you want is too much randomness and/or messiness at the altar. A good way to set some simple guidelines is to require that your bridesmaids dress in one of your wedding colors, or even one specific wedding color. This way each girl can find a dress that not only flatters their specific body shape, but also a dress they would be likely to wear again for another special occasion.

If you are set on a specific dress design, give your girls a variety of color options. Some shades just don’t flatter specific skin tones. Pastels tend to wash out a fair complexion, while a deep red will look stunning in contrast. If you are set on a specific dress, the same cut and color, allow your bridesmaids to wear their choice of shoes and/or jewelry.

Remember your wedding day is YOUR wedding day and you get to make the final call, whatever it may be. While deciding on your bridesmaid dresses we suggest you keep your girls in mind, but most importantly keep an open mind. Experiment with different colors and cuts until you find the perfect combination that your bridesmaids will appreciate and that you will also be happy with.


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