Having the right hair accessory makes it simple and effortless to style your hair. Even elaborate hairstyles can be easily created in minutes – you simply need to have the right tool for the look you want, and know how to use them. The vast collection of hair accessories at Bella Fashion Jewelry’s will allow you to create your desired hairstyle with ease. These headbands, barrettes, hair forks, and hair combs provide a range of great benefits, from stunning style to perfect practicality. They’re functional, fun, and fresh-looking. Best of all, they’re all simple to use and producing results.  Take a look at these hair

accessories and tips on how to use them to get the look you want without spending hours. What suits your style?  


Barrettes are familiar hair accessories that we’ve come to know and love. These simple items add that desired element of style, color, grace, or pizzazz to just about any hair style you can imagine. The range of sizes, colors, and designs make them some of the most versatile and easy to use hair accessories available – and Bella Fashion Jewelry’s wide range of  barrette options will give you plenty to choose from.

There are actually plenty of different types of barrettes, and knowing which is the right one is essential. For example, barrettes with a french clip to secure your hair – depending on the size of the barrette, you might use these for thick or thin hair. Small french clip barrettes will be good for thinner hair, while larger barrettes such as the hair barrette with catseyes and crystals

Or, if you’d like to use barrettes as a decorative element to a hairstyle, you can take a pretty butterfly and flower barrette and use it to decorate the edges around a french twist, clip hair on one side,  or at a bun. You can have decoration and function at once.


The hair holder barrette, in salmon, rose pink, blue, brown, and green,  can hold thick hair and be used for cute, convenient ponytails. Use barrettes to create a beautiful adornment to your hairstyle. 

Headbands Are Here To Stay
Want to keep your hair out of your face and look cute while doing it? Headbands might just be the right choice for you. These convenient hair accessories allow you to keep your hair down without the trouble of having it in your eyes or covering your face. 

Headbands are also right at home in this list of versatile hair products, because they appeal to people with a wide range of style preferences. Whether you’re looking for glamour, or a functional hair tool,  Bella Fashion Jewelry has a headband just right for your look.


for instance, are good choices for thick hair. In colors like topaz, off white, and olive green that go well with their flower themed design, these offer an earthy vibe. Try these accessories with similar earth tones or even simple floral prints to get a close-to-nature, wood nymph inspired look.

Cute and simple snap-on barrettes are the perfect choice for young girls or women with thin hair. These barrettes come with an easy snap clip that snaps right onto the hair, securing it from slipping. You can even wear more than one at a time for a more lively look.


Use these barrettes for functional or for decorative purposes. If you need to clip your hair out of your face while working, cooking,  gardening, or make a ponytail  – well, now you can look cute doing it with a cute barrette.

The jaw claw clips are a practical tool and a stylish accessory.  You will find unique fashionable styles at low pricing at Bella Fashion Jewelry.  Check out these Jaw claw clips which aid in the styling of a fashionable hair bun, a formal looking French Twist, and a casual hair twist.

Hair claws come in large and small.  Particularly cute are the mini jeweled mini claw clips, adorned with beads and crystals and available in plenty f colors.  These mini claw clips make elaborate hair styles possible, and are small enough to use multiple claw clips in one look.  A very unique feature of these mini claw clips, which set them apart, is the factor that they can hold small sections of hair, for elegant braids or twists.  One very popular mini clip is the silver white mini butterfly clips, they are favored for creating beautiful bridal hairdos.