2012 Fall Wedding Color Combos

Once summer winds down and fall is in full bloom wedding color trends tend to go from light and bright shades of cooler colors to rich, warm tints.  We’ve riffled through this most popular color combinations of this wedding season and have discovered which blends are the hottest for fall! Below you will learn three very trendy, yet very different ways to go.

Cranberry, Black & Copper

This deep and elegant color combination is most fitting for a very formal affair that is set in a lavish venue, such as stunning chapel or five-star hotel. The rich cranberry color matched with a very sophisticated blend of black and copper screams over-the-top glamour! This extravagant color combination deserves to be balanced out with a variety of grandiose elements. Complete the gorgeous look with massive centerpieces filled with overflowing flower arrangements. We suggest beautiful burgundy carnations or beautifully layered dahlias.

Our Elegant Pick:

Elegant Necklace and Earrings Set

Crystal Necklace and Earrings Set

Necklace and Earrings Set

Green, Brown & Orange

Earthy tones are very big for this fall wedding season. Mixing a variety of green shades with touches of brown and even a bit of orange will automatically put off a laid-back and easygoing vibe. This color combination is best suited for an outdoor wedding- you might as well allow the great outdoors to contribute to your earthy color palette. Incorporating sustainable tips, like using recycled paper or wearing your mother’s wedding gown will subtly add to your eco-friendly theme.

Our Earthy Pick:

Hair Barrette Holder in Earthy Tone

Hair Barrette Holder

Red, Orange & Cream

Last, but not least we have the coziest color combination of them all. Combining warm red and orange tones with slight touches of cream is perfect for the bride who desires a relatively small, homey style wedding. It makes the most sense to throw this type of wedding at a home or perhaps even inside a barn. These rich red and orange hues don’t solely need to be seen in the wedding décor but can also be seen in the food being served. Treat your guests to a hearty chili dish and/or delicious sweet potatoes. Instead of the traditional wedding cake, end the evening by slicing into a homemade pumpkin pie. Our Rustic Pick:

Large Oval Barrettes

Large Oval Barrettes with French Clip

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BUNS – A Wedding Hair Trend

Hairstyles are always evolving, which is why we believe it’s important to stay up to date with the most trendy and fashionable looks, especially on your wedding day. Even the most classic dos are often given a modern spin- when it comes to hair, updates are often necessary, and this definitely applies to your big day. After doing our research for the wedding season: Fall of 2012, we’ve found one of the most trendy hairstyles is the bun. We also found different types of buns for every brides style! 

The three trendiest buns right now are the low bun, the top- knot and the side bun- it’s hard to choose a favorite, as we love all three fabulous looks. 

The low bun looks most contemporary styled loosely, leaving some strands out makes for a relaxed, effortlessly chic appearance. This bun style is best for a beach wedding or a less formal affair.

Add this Claw Clip to complete the look:

crystal Jaw Clips

crystal Jaw Clips

The top-knot is currently the most high-fashion bun being worn down the runway as well as aisle. Tightly gathering your hair on the top of your head (with the help of plenty of hairspray) will give off a very sophisticated, even edgy vibe. We suggest strutting this style at more of a formal wedding-a church or estate would be most appropriate. 

Add this Flower Fork Insert to complete the look:

Flower Hair Fork

Flower Hair Fork

Last but certainly not least is the side-bun. This unique look can be worn loosely or tight, however we believe the looser, bohemian style is more on trend.  We suggest side sweeping your hair to one side and keeping the bun low. This option looks great with braids or twists somehow incorporated into the overall hairdo.  This relaxed look is best for the unique bride who isn’t afraid to be different and fashion-forward!    

Add this Crystal Comb to complete the look:

Crystal Comb

Crystal Comb with fan out streamers

Make sure to hire and test out your hairstylist before your wedding day. Don’t hesitate to try a variety of looks to find the perfect fit for you. On the morning of your wedding make sure to wear a button (or zip) up shirt while getting your hair styled. The last thing you want to worry about is pulling a shirt over your head (beautiful hair) and messing it up.  When selecting a hairstyle it’s important to choose one that fits you and your personal style. You want to be comfortable and do not want anything to be forced