Set of 3 Pairs of Earrings 3 Unique Styles Crystal Double Hoops Mid Size Crystal Hoop 3rd pr Dangle Earrings8131

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Size/Style Combo: DoubleHoop-Single Hoop-DangleGoldStar
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Set of 3 Crystal hoop earrings for pierced ears.  1 pair Double hoops, inner hoop crystal studded, suspending within the outer hoop, creating movement as you walk.  Outer hoop rhodium shiny finish.  For bridal formal occasions everyday use.  2nd Pr 1 crystal strand mid size hoop silvery trim.  3rd pr dangle earrings, 2 styles: triple hoops & Star in either gold or silver tone.  Or Dangle Streamer earrings in green, crystal, or crystal AB.

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