Dozen Pack, 12 Count, Wide Band Plastic Bling Bling Headband 2" Wide at Center NI86012-24611-Dz Pk

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Wide band headband Black Trim Hair Band, 2 inch wide at center, dazzled with bling bling stones in shapes of diamond and half round.  Original pricing at $19.99 for one.  Now at great promotion price of only $29.99 for dozen pack, 12 count, unit cost is $2.50.

Bling bling Acrylic Stones on black hair band.  Light weight plastic band in 5 colors: hematite, sapphire blue, siam red,  smoke topaz , and black/champagne.

Easy to buy, buy 1 or buy multi unit sets at discounted set prices.

This listing lists Dozen Pack, 12 count headbands.

For single color unit, click here.

For set of 2, click here.

For set of 3 and set of 6, click here.

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