Bella Set of 9 Crystal Barrettes for Women Girls 1 Ea. of 9 Colors 5A86600-1-9

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Set of 9 bling bling crystal barrettes,  1 each of 9 colors, barrette ornament measures 3" x 7/8".  French clip clasp measures 1.5" at opening.  Each barrette is carded on a logo card, ready for resale or gift.

9 colors are: jet and hematite on antique gold plating

sapphire on nick color plating

sapphire on antique gold plating

amethyst on antique gold plating

lavender on antique gold plating

ruby red on antique gold plating

fuchsia on gold tone plating

olivine green on gold tone plating

golden amber on gold tone plating

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