Bella Crystal Jaw Claw Clips Metal Hair Claws for Thick Hair in Set of 2 to Set of 4 GL56

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Pack Size: Set of 2gSapphire/Amethyst
Sale price$15.99 Regular price$21.99


Metal crystal hair claw clips with voluminous cavity to fit a lot of hair..

Metal jaw clips  luxuriously decorated with crystals.

Hair claws with strong grip, hold hair securely.

Size is 2.5 inch in width x 2 inch in height .

Available in 8 colors:  Sapphire with antique gold plating, amethyst purple with antique gold plating, red in burnish copper plating, dark smoke topaz , sapphire with nickel plating, emerald green in antique gold plating, siam red,  light amber in gold plating, and in set of 2, 3, or 4, with unique color groupings. 

This hair claw also comes in single unit, or in set of 5, 6, 7 or 8.

Browse Hair Claws/Clips Collection for single unit offer.

Browse Value Packs for Set of 5 to Set of 8.  Big Savings buying multi unit sets.


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