Combs3GL35 ella Combs Package for Updo NF863020-GL41pearl/3GL35

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  • A package of crystal combs to decorate an updo.
  • Package consists of 1 bridal comb, GL41pearl, and 3 small star flower crystal combs, GL35, with a pearl at center.
  • Measurement: GL41pearl measures 4 3/16" x 2 1/8"
  • Crown ornament is 1" in height at center.
  • Clear white crystals and Aurore Boreale crystals with 4 whiTe pearls.
  • The Aurore Boreale crystals have pink tint.
  • GL35 combs measure 1 7/16" x .75". The star flower ornament is 7/8" round with a pearl at center, and petals studded with Aurore Boreale crystals.

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