It is very honorable and exciting to be selected as the maid of honor, although the position comes with a lot of perks, it also comes with quite a bit of responsibility. Below you will find a simple guide to being the perfect maid of honor!
It’s very important to be as involved in the pre-nuptial events as possible, as it’s your job to make the brides bridal experience stress-free. Early on help with the wedding, bridal shower and bachelorette party invitations. Have a hand in choosing the bridesmaid dresses, the flower girl’s dress and the ring bearer’s tuxedo; have them tailored accordingly.
A main maid of honor responsibility is hosting a fabulous bridal shower. Usually bridal showers take place during a weekend afternoon and last for 2-3 hours. Prepare fun and creative games with prizes available for the winners. We suggest lovely hair accessories seen here: Serve hors d’oeuvres and/or lunch, complete with delicious cocktails. Presents are usually opened towards the end of the party; don’t forget to log each gift, for the bride’s thank-you cards later.
You must attend both the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, it’s important you are in full support of the bride-to-be throughout the entire wedding process, after all she did choose to have you by her side. The morning of the wedding do everything and anything that will help lighten the bride’s load. Assist her in getting dressed, remind her to eat, and do a head-to-toe check, it’s your job to make sure she looks flawless! Keep an eye on the time, as staying on schedule is imperative.
During the reception be a social butterfly. The bride will be busy greeting everyone, make an effort to help her out with all of her guests. Prepare a short and meaningful speech to give after the best man presents his during the reception. Last but not least, make sure the bridal gown and accessories are taken care of, as the bride has a honeymoon to attend!