Having the right hair accessory makes it simple and effortless to style your hair. Even elaborate hairstyles can be easily created in minutes – you simply need to have the right tool for the look you want, and know how to use them. The vast collection of hair accessories at Bella Fashion Jewelry’s will allow you to create your desired hairstyle with ease. These headbands, barrettes, hair forks, and hair combs provide a range of great benefits, from stunning style to perfect practicality. They’re functional, fun, and fresh-looking. Best of all, they’re all simple to use and producing results.  Take a look at these quick profiles of some of the best accessories and tips on how to use them to get the look you want without spending hours. What suits your style?  




Comb On
Hair combs are a timeless fashion hair accessory, unlikely to ever lose their elegant charm. They’ve been gracing the heads of stylish womenCrystal Flower Bridal Comb
for generations. 

The hair combs at Bella Fashion come in a multitude of styles that appeal to tons of different shoppers. Small to large, simple to ornate, and pure function to elaborate glamour – anyone can find a hair comb at Bella Fashion that suits her personal preference. There’s no limit to the occasions in which hair combs are a great style choice. The beautiful and sophisticated bridal flower hair comb, for example, will make a bride shine even brighter on the day she’s been dreaming about for months.  Light-weight and bedecked with beautiful crystals, this comb is the ultimate glamorous hair accessory.
However, hair combs, large and small, simple and ornate,  have just as much place in casual settings as in formal functions.  Small and medium sized flower combs           Flower Crystal Comb         
and crystal combs with pearls are great to wear as a simple yet stylish accessory, and you can style so many unique looks with them.  You can also
use these hair combs to create a consistent color theme with the rest of your outfit, or to offer a contrast to make both colors pop! The rose red flower combs in particular, can be worn with a purple top, for example, to give the entire look a slightly warmer tone.

Fashionable hair combs are actually quite simple to wear and use to their full potential. They can be worn with updos easily by sliding them into the hair at the desired placement. Push the teeth of the comb down and up so that your hair will be weaved onto the comb’s teeth.  For example, take the crystal hair comb and slide it into the hair at the top of a secured bun to add more color and festivity to the practical hair style.  

Crystal Hair Comb

You can also slide this sparkling comb into your hair at the edge of a french twist.  You may need to use 2 or more of these combs to get the look you want. While your convenient comb hides any stray or loose hairs, you’ll get the added bonus of dazzling the room with your crystals

Not into updos? You can even wear a smaller comb with your hair down – without it falling out! The secret is to simply secure a small amount of hair with a small clear elastic band and slide one or a few of the comb’s teeth through the elastic when you insert it.

Small Decorative Comb 

Short hair or long hair, casual style or high glamour, never underestimate the style potential of a well placed decorative hair comb.

Barrettes are familiar hair accessories that we’ve come to know and love. These simple items add that desired element of style, color, grace, or pizzazz to just about any hair style you can imagine. The range of sizes, colors, and designs make them some of the most versatile and easy to use hair accessories available – and Bella Fashion Jewelry’s wide range of  barrette options will give you plenty to choose from.

There are actually plenty of different types of barrettes, and knowing which is the right one is essential. For example, some come with a french clip to secure your hair – depending on the size of the barrette, you might use these for thick or thin hair. Small french clip barrettes will be good for thinner hair, while larger barrettes such as the hair barrette with catseyes and crystals

Large Barrettes with French Clips 

for instance, are good choices for thick hair. In colors like topaz, off white, and olive green that go well with their flower themed design, these offer an earthy vibe. Try these accessories with similar earth tones or even simple floral prints to get a close-to-nature, wood nymph inspired look.

Cute and simple snap-on barrettes are the perfect choice for young girls or women with thin hair. These barrettes come with an easy snap clip that snaps right onto the hair, securing it from slipping. You can even wear more than one at a time for a more lively look.

Barrette for Thin Hair

Use these barrettes for functional or for decorative purposes. If you need to clip your hair out of your face while working, cooking,  gardening, or make a ponytail  – well, now you can look cute doing it with a cute barrette.

Barrettes for Thick or Thin Hair

Or, if you’d like to use barrettes as a decorative element to a hairstyle, you can take a pretty ribbon and flower barrette and use it to decorate the edges around a french twist, clip hair on one side,  or at the base of a bun. You can have decoration and function at once.


The hair holder barrette, in salmon, rose pink, blue, and green,  can hold thick hair and be used for cute, convenient ponytails. Use barrettes to create a beautiful adornment to your hairstyle. 


Give Your Style A Hair Fork Lift
The hot summer months are still far from over, and that means more hot weather and more incentive to keep your hair off your neck with updos. Keep cool, protect your hair, and look cute while doing it with hair forks and fork clips. Messy buns don’t have to look unkempt with hair forks. Just use a cute flower hair fork to give the style a more polished look while still keeping the look free and fun. These hair forks work great when used correctly – insert the hair fork so that the forks go through both the hair contained in the bun while also picking up hair at the base. Then, just tilt the hair fork up to allow the hair fork to insert through the rest of the bun. Keep the summer fun alive and well by making your hair-dos fashionable without going to great lengths with time-consuming styles.
 Crystal Flower Hair Fork

The flower clips are constructed differently from the hair fork.  Instead of a fork, the flower clip has a sword like piece attached to the clip.  These flower clips offer double benefits, with the look of a fashionable hair fork and the function of a strong clip. Once you’ve got your hair twisted up for your french twist style, slide the clip part of the flower clip in through your hair – make sure to push the hair tool down so that the hair tool picks up some of the hair at the base as well.  Then clip the top down. Your final result is a super elegant french twist secured into place with a dazzling accessory. Coordinate with whatever you’re wearing: the flower clips come in off white, grey, and brown, as well as richly colored red, apricot, purple, brown, and eye-catching multi-color.

Flower Clip for Updo

Fork clips work like a hair fork, but it is designed with a double benefit.  The fork is attached to an ornamental piece by means of a spring clip.  To use it, place your thumb between the fork and the ornamental piece, insert the fork so that the forks go through both the hair contained in the updo and the hair at the base, and then tilt the fork up to allow the fork to insert through the rest of the updo.  When the fork is securely weaved through the hair, let out your thumb, and  the ornamental clip will clamp down on the hair for a double secured hold.  This fork clip is available in pearl or crystal options with dark blue, light blue, rose pink, and a distinguished jet black stones on gold plating.  This elegant fork clip can be worn for special occasions and can matched similar colors in your jewelry.

Crystal Fork Clip for Updo

Keep your updos fashionable and secure with these gorgeous hair forks and fork clips.

 Headbands Are Here To Stay
Want to keep your hair out of your face and look cute while doing it? Headbands might just be the right choice for you. These convenient hair accessories allow you to keep your hair down without the trouble of having it in your eyes or covering your beautiful face!Headband with Black Ribbon & Rhinestones Hairbow
Headbands are also right at home in this list of versatile hair products, because they appeal to people with a wide range of style preferences. Whether you’re sporty or glamorous, Bella Fashion has a headband just right for your look.

If you’re into rock-star inspired look,
try this headband with a large black Ribbon Hairbow, decorated with cluster of  rhinestones and sparkles. This headband offers just the right touch of glamour with  its bright sparkles and is great for a night out. Wear it with your favorite party dress or a cute blazer for a balance of daring sweetness.

This crystal headband, style #AD86801-6659,  is a particularly versatile accessory – this dazzling headband can be worn as a headband or a crown. The fashionable, 2-in-1 hair accessory is a great way to get more for your money. Wear the sparkling crystal headband with any color to a movie date or outing as a headband. When your next homecoming dance, prom, or other formal event comes around, you can use the same dazzling and affordable product as a tiara.


The colorful crystal floral headbands are also great picks for both casual outings and special occasions. Take these stylish pieces from day to night by wearing them with a color coordinated top and jeans in the daytime and with a contrasting or black party dress or skirt for night.

Crystal Headbands


The “cheap & pretty” category of headbands on Bella Fashion’s website is the place to go if you’re into sportier headbands that are simple. Wear these solid colored or striped headbands with any simple, casual outfit – even a t-shirt and jeans – and you’ll see a difference in your look. Muted colors or bright colors alike can complete your look and make it look more put-together. While many wear headbands with hair down, you also have the option of wearing a headband with your hair in a ponytail. They’re the simplest accessories – simply slip one on and go!

Twists And Sticks Make Great Picks
Don’t forget these dazzling little pieces! Hair sticks and hair twists are unique in their ease of use and the classy, polished style they can add to your hair. They offer major versatility: wear just one large one, or twelve small ones at a time. The limitless possibilities, affordability, and stunning sophistication hair sticks and hair twists offer will have your friends asking about your gorgeous little accessories.

            Hair sticks and twists can make a hair style look amazingly elaborate and glamorous, but don’t be intimidated – they’re incredibly simple to use. Hair sticks and hair twists offer similar final looks. When using a hair stick, simply slide the stick into the hair so that the sticks are completely covered and the decorative element is left on top to shine and sparkle. Flower hair twists can sit at the base of a bun and give it a fresh, youthful aura, or pearl hair sticks can provide the ultimate timeless and classy look with a touch of vintage glamour.

            Hair twists will give you a similar finished product to the small hair sticks. They give a cute decorative element to adorn a bun or french twist. These are also quite simple to use: they work by twisting clockwise to secure in the hair, and counterclockwise to remove. Take the small flower hair twists and use a few at a time for an enchanting feminine style with a sundress or flowy skirt. Or pick up a handful of the solitaire hair twists and see how many sophisticated arrangements you’ll be able to come up with to make your hairstyle stand out from the crowd and exude luxury. Since you can achieve many looks with your choice of either the hair sticks or hair twists, you can get the style you want with the product you prefer.

Try Them On Your Own Tresses         
Now that you’ve got an overview of the many products that you can use to create or embellish interesting, stylish, and glamorous hairstyles, you’ll have a good idea of what will work for you and your personal style. Do you see yourself as a girl-next-door in a headband, always chic with hair twists, hair sticks, and classy combs, effortlessly cute with hair forks, or pretty and practical with barrettes? Or maybe you’d like to try out more than one! Head to Bella Fashion Jewelry’s many hair accessory categories to do your shopping, follow the tips for use, and soon, your fascinating hair styles will be the talk of the town.